About Us

APRICUS SYSTEMS is India’s premier learning solutions provider, with headquarters in Hyderabad and established in the year 2012. We offer an extensive selection of chip designing online and offline classes. Over the years, it has been our pleasure to put hundreds of job-seekers in various VLSI companies across India, with the goal of placing thousands more!

Our training methods are well-known for being extremely hands-on, providing students with real-time experience with cutting-edge technologies. Employees from MNCs, provide training to students with real-world corporate experience.

All of our trainees will have access to the employment opportunities which are available. The placement rate has been steady around max over the past few years. So, evaluate your present and future selves and commit to APRICUS SYSTEMS.

Having the proper person in charge at the right time ensures that the training is effective. People from all walks of life are familiar with our company because of its central location. It has all the modern conveniences, including constant Wi-Fi, AC, UPS etc. Teamwork and a focus have always been valued at APRICUS SYSTEMS.


The Main Mission of Apricus Systems is “To build value for Customers through innovative use of Technology, Support, Service and Customer Referrals”.     The Mission of Apricus Systems is to motivate and uplift the Rural and Semi-urban students in the field of technology and create in them a complete confidence and also safeguard the economically backward students of the society.


The vision of APRICUS SYSTEMS is to involve its students in never-ending Engineering Research and make them excel in Quality Education. In the years to come its vision is to keep its students in the forefront in Engineering and Technological Education. Moreover it should remain forever a world class institution for technological education and scientific research for public good.