Core Java Advanced Topics: 
  • Collection Framework
  • Generics and Wrapper classes
  • Multithreading


  Introduction to RDMS

  • DML Commands
  • DDL Commands
  • Data Types in RDBMS

   Introducing Types of Applications using Java/J2EE

  • Recollecting the Some Important Concepts from Core Java

  Explanation of Persistence Layer in Java

  • Introduction to CURD Operations

  Introduction to Database Software

  •   Importance of JDBC
  • Different Types of Driver Classes & Its Architecture
  • API of SQL Package
  • Sample example and its explanation
  • CURD Applications using JDBC with Coding Standards

  Explanation of Type-4 Driver class with Examples

  Types of Statement Objects in JDBC

  • Introduction & Developing Applications using IDE’S
  • Working with Large Objects using JDBC

  Types of Result Set Objects in JDBC

  • Introduction to Metadata and Its Importance in JDBC
  • Batch Processing in JDBC


  Types of Applications in Java

  • Execution flow of Web Applications
  • List of Servers, Application Servers and Server side Technologies
  • Explanation of Tomcat Server

  Introduction to Servlet Technology

  • Exploring of Servlet API
  • Steps to Develop Sample Servlet Application
  • Explanation of Servlet Program Execution flow

  Understanding the HTTP Protocol

  Introduction to HTML Forms

  • Html form/Link to Servlet Communication
  • Understanding the doGet and doPost Methods
  • Form Validation Client-Server Side

  Application using All Html Form Components

  Servlet Life Cycle

  Servlet to DB Communication

  • Explanation of Servlet Config and Context Objects
  • Explanation of Different Servers

  Servlet Chaining

  Session Tracking in Servlet

  Filters in Servlet


  Introduction of JSP

  • Drawbacks of Servlets and Features of JSP

  Programming Basics of JSP

  • Implicit Objects of JSP
  • JSP Life Cycle

  Different Tags in JSP


Note: 1) At End of Each Concept or Middle of Concept Interview Questions will be covered

           2) All classes of total advanced java will be there with real time scenarios