Core Java Introduction
           o Java Introduction and different applications developed using java
           o Features of java
           o Java Installation and Environment setup
           o First Java Program through command prompt and its brief explanation
Core Java Basics Part-1
           o Definition of class and objects
           o Naming Conventions in java
           o Data types and Variables
           o Operators
           o Control statements with examples
           o Loops in java with examples
           o Switch, break and continue statements with examples
           o Packages in java
           o Different ways to read the data from key board with examples
Core Java Basics Part-2
           o Constructor and different types of Constructors with examples
           o Keywords in java
Core Java Advanced Part-1
           o OOPS
                       • OOPS Concepts in java with real time examples
                       • Inheritance ,Abstraction, Encapsulation and polymorphism
                       • Access modifiers in java
Core Java Advanced Part-2
           o Exception Handling
                       • Introduction to Exceptions
                       • try and catch block
                       • try with resource statement
                       • throw, throws and finally
                       • User made Exceptions
                       • Method Overriding with Exception Handling
                       • Chained Exceptions
                       • Best exception handling programming in real time
Core Java Advanced Part-3
           o Collection Framework
                      • Array in java and different types of arrays
                      • Introduction about collection frame work
                      • Collection framework hierarchy
                      • Different classes and interfaces in collection framework
                      • Ways to iterate the collections
Core Java Advanced Part-4
           o Generics in java
                      • Generics for Collections
                      • Generics for class and for methods
            o Wrapper classes

                      • Integer class
                      • Byte class
                      • Short class
                      • Float class
                      • Double class
                      • Boolean class
                      • Character class           
           o JAVA IO
                     • IO Streams introduction
                     • Overview of Streams
                     • Bytes vs. Characters
                     • Overview of the entire Java IO API
                     • Reading a file; writing to a file using various APIs
                     • Reading User input from console
                     • Print Writer Class
            o String handling
                    • Strings introduction
                    • String class with different methods
                    • Immutability in Strings
                    • String creation on heap and constant pool
                    • Method APIs on String; operations on Strings
                    • Mutability of String Objects – String Builder and String Buffer
            o Multithreading in java
                    • Introduction about multi-threading
                    • Thread API in Java
                    • Creating Threads
                    • Thread life cycle
                    • Synchronization
                    • Inter thread communication
            o Inner classes in java
                    • Inner Classes
                    • Member Classes
                    • Local Classes
                    • Anonymous Classes
                    • Static Nested Classes
            o AWT and SWING

                    • Applet
                    • Event Handling
                    • AWT Introduction
                    • AWT Components with examples
                    • Swing Introduction
                    • Swing Components with examples

              o JAVA 8 Features
                     • Lambda Expression
                     • foreach Method
                     • String Joiner Class
                     • Interface Default and Static Methods
                     • Functional Interface
                     • Optional Class
                     • Stream API
                     • Type Inference
                     • Date and Time API

              o Java Reflection
                     • Introduction to Reflection
                     • Reflection classes