Cyber Security Basics, Security Principles

Cyber Attacks and their Classification

Vulnerability Assessment, Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention Systems

User Authentication Methods, Bio-metric Authentication Methods

Standard Security Models-Information Security-Network Security-Operating System Security

Web Security-E-mail Security-Mobile Device Security-Cloud Security

IoT Security-Cyber Physical System Security-Social Media Security

Virtual Currency-Block Chain Technology-Security Auditing

Cyber Crimes- Types-Data Frauds

Analysis of Crimes-Human Behaviour- Stylometry-Incident Handling

Investigation Methods-Criminal Profiling- Cyber Trails

Digital Forensics-History- Challenges-Branches of Digital Forensics

Digital Forensic Investigation Methods-Reporting-Management of Evidence

Cyber Law-Basics-Information Technology Act 2000-Amendments

Evidentiary value of E-mails/SMS, Cybercrimes and Offences dealt with IPC-RBI Act-IPR in India, Jurisdiction of Cyber Crime, Creating awareness and Healthy practices