1. Android Application Controlled Remote Robot Operation.
  2. Android based Remotely Programmable Sequential Load Operation.
  3. Android Based Smart Phone Used for Induction Motor Control.
  4. Android Phone Speech Recognition Sensed Voice Operated Notice Board Display.
  5. AT89S52 based Home Automation.
  6. AT89S52 based Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights.
  7. AT89S52 based 4 Quadrant DC Motor Control.
  8. AT89S52 based Automatic Temperature Controlled Fan Speed Regulator.
  9. AT89S52 based DC Motor Speed Control.
  10. AT89S52 based Electrical Appliances Control using IR.
  11. AT89S52 based Industrial Appliances Control System by Decoding Dual Tone Multi-Frequency Signals via GSM Network.
  12. AT89S52 based RFID Sensed Device Access.
  13. AT89S52 based Solar Street Light.
  14. AT89S52 based Underground Cable Fault Detection.
  15. AT89S52 Managed High Sensitive LDR based Power Saver for Street Light Control System.
  16. AT89S52 Operated Obstacle Avoidance Robot.
  17. Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights.
  18. Automatic Bell System for Institutions.
  19. Automatic Irrigation System on Sensing Soil Moisture Content.
  20. Automatic Toilet Delay Lighting.
  21. Automatic Health Monitoring System in Hospitals for Patients.
  22. Bidirectional Rotation of an Induction Motor with a Remote Control Device.
  23. Bidirectional Rotation of Single Phase Induction Motor without Run Capacitor.
  24. Buzzer based Thermometer for Body Temperature.
  25. Cell Charger cum Emergency Light.
  26. Cell Phone based DTMF Controlled Garage Door Opening System.
  27. Consumer Visit Audit.
  28. Contactless Liquid Level Controller.
  29. Density Based Traffic Signal System.
  30. Density based Traffic Signal System using AT89S52 Microcontroller.
  31. Density Based Traffic Signal with Remote Override in Emergency.
  32. Detecting Power Grid Synchronization Failure on Sensing Frequency or Voltage Beyond Acceptable Range.
  33. Discotheque Flashing Light.
  34. Display of Underground Cable Fault Distance over Internet.
  35. Electronic Eye Controlled Security System.
  36. Embedded Password Based Access Control System using I2C Protocol.
  37. Street Light that Glows on Detecting Vehicle Movement.
  38. Four Quadrant DC Motor Control without Microcontroller.
  39. Four Quadrant DC Motor Control with Microcontroller.
  40. Four Quadrant Operation of DC Motor Remotely Controlled by Android Application.
  41. Home Automation by Android Application based Remote Control.