Physical Design

Graduates from BTech/BE and MTech/ME programmes can take advantage of the 5-month Physical design course’s comprehensive coverage of Netlist to GDSII. For graduates looking for the right career opportunities, a lack of fundamentals is a significant barrier. The course which was offered will cover this gap.

The Physical design course covers starting from Physical design inputs to floorplanning , placement and routing along with TCL scripting. At the same time this training will cover how to solve the bugs which were faced in the real environment like set up , hold and other timing fixes. More than 2 design examples are covered in depth during training, with an emphasis on answering questions commonly in job interviews.

The overview of the course content is

  • Floor planning
  • Power Planning
  • Placement
  • Scan chain re-ordering and re-partitioning
  • Global Routing
  • Clock Tree Synthesis
  • Detailed Routing
  • Power Analysis (static and dynamic)
  • Engineering Change Order flow (ECO)