Spring Framework 5.x

Spring Introduction
       o Framework and different types of frameworks
       o Features of spring framework
       o Advantages of spring framework
       o Spring framework architecture
       o Modules in spring framework
Spring Core Module 
       o Introduction about spring containers
       o Different types of containers
       o Dependency injection (DI)
                 • Setter injection with different types    
                 • Constructor injection with different types
       o DI Types(Setter and Constructor)
        o Difference between setter and constructor injection
        o Spring bean scopes
                 • Singleton
                 • Prototype
                 • Request
                 • Session
                 • Application
        o Spring Auto wire feature
                 • By type
                 • By name
                 • Constructor
                 • Different auto wire modes
Spring Core Module Annotation based programming
        o Introduction about annotations
        o List of annotation required for spring core
        o Explanation of spring core annotation
                 • @Configuration
                 • @Component
                 • @Bean, @Qualifier
                 • @Value, @Scope, @Required
                 • @Auto wired, @Inject ,@Lazy
                 • @Import Resource ,@Property Source

         o Spring bean life cycle
                 • Life cycle with different approaches
                 • Declarative and annotation driven
Spring JDBC Module
         o Introduction about spring JDBC
         o JDBC limitations and advantages of spring JDBC
         o Explanation of Layered architecture
         o Different JDBC template classes in spring JDBC
         o Different method from template class
         o Call back interfaces
         o Batch processing
         o Working with PL/SQL
         o Spring JDBC with annotations
         o Introduction about connection pooling
         o Different type of connection pools and its examples
         o Annotations based programming in spring jdbc
Spring MVC Module
         o Introduction to MVC architecture and different types of MVC architecture
         o Explanation about Front controller design pattern
         o Dispatcher Servlet and its explanation
         o Spring MVC architecture
         o Introduction about controllers and types
         o Handler mappers and its types
                     • Bean Name Url Handler Mapping
                     • Simple Url Handler Mapping
                     • Controller Class Name Handler Mapping
                     • Request Mapping Handler Mapping
                     • Default Annotation Handler Mapping
         o View Resolvers and different types
         o Spring MVC integration with spring JDBC
         o Different types of validations
                   • Client side
                   • Server side
          o I18N implementation in spring MVC
          o Tiles integration
          o Develop mini project using spring MVC and JDBC
          o Introduction about web services
          o Develop restful web services in spring MVC
          o Annotation based programming in spring MVC

Spring ORM
          o Introduction to ORM
          o Spring ORM Advantages
          o Integrating with Hibernate
          o Spring with hibernate using Hibernate Template
          o Hibernate Template and its methods
          o Hibernate DAO Support
          o Hibernate Callback interfaces

Spring Data JPA
           o Introduction about Spring Data JPA
           o Difference between hibernate and spring data JPA
           o @Query methods and @Modifying
           o Spring data custom query
           o Repositories and different repositories
                      • Jpa Repository
                      • Curd Repository

Spring Security
           o Introduction and Features
           o Security xml based and java configuration based examples
           o Implementation of login and logout
           o Custom login form based authentication
           o Method level security
           o Introduction about JWT and Oauth2
           o Project level spring security for rest api